6 questions to ask before buying hotel tech

By Steve Jarratt, Technology Writer

The Brandstand CubieWink, part of the extensive Brandstand Cubie product line.

In-room technology has become a key factor in hospitality, both in appealing to potential clients and enhancing the guest experience. Accordingly, deciding which equipment to install and which suppliers to use, shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are the key factors to consider before clicking that order button.

1. Is the product well designed?

Hotels spend time and money to make their rooms look the best they can, so the tech that goes in them should have the same aesthetic qualities.
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  • Design is, of course, a matter of personal taste, but it’s best to go with something fairly minimalist – both in form and colour scheme. This way, not only does hotel tech sit happily with a range of decor, but it will also have an air of sophistication. Conversely, button-heavy gadgets often look cheap and can be off-putting for guests.

    2. Does the product reduce clutter?

    When space is often at a premium, why have a separate bedside clock, music streamer, power adaptor and phone charger when one device can do everything? All of Brandstand’s alarm clocks are multifunctional, but the CubieBlue takes this to the next level with multiple charging options and stereo Bluetooth speakers built in.

    3. Is the technology easy to use?

    The last thing a weary hotel guest wants to do is to sit and read an instruction manual before they can use any in-room tech. With this mind, any hardware you choose should be simple and obvious to operate, with clear functionality.

    The CubieTime’s instruction manual is written on the device itself and is as simple as: ‘Alarm. Press for On/Off. Rotate to set.’. The same simplicity also extends to support for modern standards, with things like Bluetooth and Qi Wireless charging, plus a useful array of USB ports for connecting guest devices. Everything just works.

    Choose hotel tech that supports modern standards, like Qi Wireless charging.
    Choose hotel tech that supports modern standards, like Qi Wireless charging.

    4. Will the product last?

    Some devices might look handsome enough, but can be all style and no substance. Any hotel tech designed for a hotel room needs to be durable – e.g. resistant to knocks, splashes and general wear and tear, and able to function reliably month in, month out.

    Look for solid construction with good quality materials, and again, simplicity is key. Fewer buttons and switches mean fewer things to break, while contactless operation – such as Qi Wireless connectivity – can extend working lifespans.

    5. Can you lock it down?

    As most hoteliers are aware, hotel theft can be a serious issue. Any devices you choose should give you the option of securing them in place, either by embedding it into furniture – such as Brandstand’s CubieSpot Qi Wireless charger – or securing the device with suitable anti-theft c-clamp.

    6. Do you get a range of models?

    Hotels typically have specific requirements depending on taste and budget – not to mention that premium rooms may warrant a higher standard of equipment.

    Fortunately, the Brandstand Cubie product line encompasses a host of form factors and features, so you can choose the products that best fit your needs. Whether that’s a Qi Wireless charging pad or a top-of-the-range Cubie multifunction alarm clock, look for the widest choice of market-leading products, designed with the hospitality industry firmly in mind.

    Brandstand designs and builds innovatively designed, user-friendly products for the hospitality industry. Discover our story here.

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