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Forward-Thinking Design

With an eye on the future, Brandstand in-house design team is always looking for ways to creatively improve the guestroom experience while being mindful of the hoteliers needs/wants. During the product development phase, the user experience of all stakeholders is considered.

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Commitment to UL Safety Standards

All of our products are safety tested at an Intertek Lab to meet UL standards. Our US products meet UL 962A for Furniture Power Distribution Units and UL 1449 for Surge Protection Devices Standard. Our 230V products (for Europe, the UK and the Middle East) meet IEC62368-1 

Durable Products Designed for the Hotel Environment

We understand the abuse products in a hotel room can experience with continual use. Our products have been designed for durability and longevity. Brandstand's lab conducts cycle testing on the 110V and USB connections. The 110V outlets successfully passes 20,000 plug insertion and removal cycles without failure and before exhibiting pull force below specifications (>36lbs). The USBs successfully passed 15,000 insertion cycles without failure.

Exceeding Safety Standards

Tamper Resistant Receptacles -According to the National Fire Protection Association, "Each year, approximately 2,400 children suffer severe shock and burns when they stick items into the slots of electrical receptacles. It is estimated that there are six to 12 child fatalities a year related to this.” While tamper resistant receptacles are not a requirement for our category of products, our company mission is to develop the safest products as possible for the hotel environment.

Liquid Spill Testing - For enhanced safety, the Cubie Product Line was designed for and successfully passed a UL spill test conducted by our ETL testing lab. This test involves directly pouring a 1-liter water and salt solution through the 110V plus and USB ports.  The units are then tested for dielectric conductivity.  Additionally, the units are required to perform to specification after the test is conducted. 

Ease of Use

We design our products with a proven set of features specifically designed for hotel guests.  A few of the much appreciated features include: Easy to Set Alarm Clocks and Convenient Power Access. The Pass-Through Power Plug allows another device (i.e., lamp or alarm clock) to be plugged into  the same wall outlet used by a Cubie product and the Single Day Alarm feature prevents alarm clocks from inadvertently sounding in the guest room.

Pass Through Plug

Patents & Trademarks

We have sensitively designed our products with unique features and protect our brand with US Patents and Trademarks.

U.S. Utility Patents:

US 9,785,122

US 8,443,533

U.S. Design Patents:

US D735,138

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Trade Dress Registration:

U.S. Trademark Registration No. 5,906,851

U.S. Trademarks:

Cubie®, CubieTime®, CubieBlue®, CubieMini®, CubieMod®, CubiePod®, CubieSoho®, CubieDash®, CubieFlip®, CubieTrio®, CubieDuo®, CubieDot®, CubieSpot®, CubiePoint®, CubieVia®, Brandstand®