Hotel Charging Clocks

It’s about Time. A quick glance at a clock in the middle of the night is just what’s needed to avoid picking up a phone and all that comes along with it (text messages, social media posts, & news feeds) and in turn preventing a good night’s sleep. Our line of charging clocks are made specifically for hotels. Durably built, easy to use, and the consideration for strict safety standards has been the foundation for all of our alarm clock products. Along the way, Brandstand has paired these simple features with additional technology like Bluetooth speakers and Qi wireless charging to create even more novel versions of the standard alarm clock. They hold the time with a backup battery if the power cuts out and they automatically adjust for Daylight Saving, so there is virtually no maintenance. Available with a variety of charging options including 120V and 230V power outlets, USB ports & Qi wireless charging. …If you want to offer your hotel guest a simple alarm clock with charging, consider CubieWink
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You are the BEST! This is why we love Brandstand.

Lisa, HSI Design Group

You guys are the best! I really appreciate you helping us out. Thank you very much again for the great customer service. I will continue to be a loyal customer

John, Eagle Wing Inn

We love your products and continue to place large orders for them monthly.

Rota M, Hyatt Regency Indian Wells

LOVE your products. Purchased the CubieBlue as I stay mostly in Marriotts and enjoy the simplicity / consistency of the CubieTimes that tend to be in their hotels.

David H

I really do love your products so I will absolutely try to get you in on upcoming projects. Also, your customer service has absolutely exceeded expectations! Thank YOU and thanks again for all of your assistance!

Jon C, Serenity Cabinets & Millwork