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The future of hotel room design

By Dean Evans, Technology Writer

When we think about the hotel of the future, you might think interactive mirrors, robot room service and voice-controlled lighting. But near-future changes might be less dramatic. By understanding how people live their lives today, hotels can improve the guest experience in small but significant ways.

Embracing mobile

The days of ringing for room service are numbered and so-called 'concierge’ smartphone apps now do more than provide basic hotel information.

The Hilton Honors app, for example, enables guests to book a stay, choose their preferred room, digitally check in and check out, even use their phone as a digital door key. They can also use the app to message the hotel to order anything they need, without ever calling the front desk.

Easy charging

Hotel rooms rarely have enough power outlets for guests and those they do have are either used by something else, like a lamp, or inconveniently placed (e.g. nowhere near the bed).

Embracing the fact that guests need to keep their phones and other devices charged, hotels are increasingly adding integrated power solutions to their rooms, adding extra power outlets, dedicated USB and USB-C charging ports, even Wireless Qi charging functionality.

Discover the five additional trends that will shape the hotel rooms of tomorrow in our infographic - The Future of Hotel Room Design. View it/download it below.

Click here to view/download the infographic.

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