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CubieClick® Switch

No batteries! No Wires! CubieClick is a self-powered, energy harvesting kinetic light switch. Believe it or not, the switch does not need electricity or wiring and there are no batteries to replace. The force of each press is converted into electrical energy that then transmits via a wireless signal to the receiver. The switch can control lamps or built-in lights for a simple and easily retrofitable solution. No need to hire an electrician or break into the walls just select the right CubieClick Receiver for your installation and simply pair the switch with the receiver.

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    Product Information

    • Specifications:

      • ITEM #: BPECK
      • Energy Harvesting Light Switch
      • No Batteries
      • No Wires
      • Connects to one or multiple CubieClick Receivers

    • Additional Features

      • Waterproof Design
      • Heavy Duty Adhesive Mounting Pad
      • Screw Mounting Option
      • Colors: Black or White

    User Manual & Installation Instructions

    • Not sure how this product works or have a question about how to install your new product or components? Download the user manual here.