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CubieBlue® XB EU

CubieBlue® XB EU

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CubieBlueXB charging alarm clock offers users the convenience of one UK and one EU socket, USB-A charging and a simple alarm clock. Along with a set of powerful charging options, CubieBlueXB has a Bluetooth speaker for streaming music. The EU version incorporates a EU wall plug.

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CubieBlueXB® EU

Cubie's Gone Blue! Stream music with the all-new & boldly innovative - CubieBlue. Cubie Blue combines a simple alarm clock, bluetooth music play through with the convenience of charging at the nightstand. CubieBlue is the perfect combination for a hotel guestroom with its easy to set alarm, display dimmer, minimal footprint, bluetooth speaker and guest facing power(220v EU Socket), 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C Ports. The bluetooth function will not remember a previous guest's device to avoid re-pairing errors during their next visit. CubieBlue also features surge protection, single day alarm, auto update for daylight saving time, security c-clamp and meets strict CE/TUV standards including a UL spill test.

Product Information

Product Information

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Simple Single Day Alarm Clock
  • 1 EU 220v Power Outlet
  • 1 U 220v Power Outlet
  • 2 USB Type A Charging Ports
  • 1 USB Type C Charging Ports
  • Surge Protection
  • Auto-Update for Daylight Saving Time - Can be disabled
  • Display Dimmer - 3 Levels and Off
  • Security C-Clamp Included
  • Battery Backup Included (2 AAA)
  • CE/TUV Approved
  • Passed UL Spill Test
  • 4.75” x 4.75” x 4.5”
  • Colors: Black
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