What makes a modern digital alarm clock tick?

By Mark Mayne, Technology Writer

The CubieTime - one of Brandstand's range of hotel alarm clocks

The world of hospitality is constantly modernizing in order to tackle industry challenges. These include increasing customer safety, boosting occupancy rates and augmenting the hotel guest experience.

As far as happy guests are concerned, it’s often the smallest changes that can have the biggest impact - a larger TV (with Netflix), better Wi-Fi coverage, a mobile app to access concierge services. Technology is key to a better guest experience and many operators are choosing to upgrade the humble hotel alarm clock to something more modern and future-proof, adding extra features that guests might not expect.

A modern alarm clock is right on time

Most hotel alarm clocks aren’t perfect. The core function of a clock is to tell the time and you might think this would be hard to get wrong. But some hotel clocks have LED displays that are too bright at night (or not bright enough during the day). Others can be hard to read or lack the ability to update automatically for Daylight Saving Time, creating an extra maintenance issue.

A modern digital alarm clock doesn’t have these problems. Take the Brandstand CubieTime. It’s the hospitality market's best selling alarm clock, not just because it’s compact and reliable, but because it features a large digital display that doesn’t blaze like a Vegas casino sign. Handily, it can be dimmed to three different levels, as well as turned off. Plus, with an auto-update for Daylight Saving Time feature (-1 or +1 hour as needed) and a battery backup to maintain power, it’s always right on time.

A modern digital clock is easy to set

A common criticism leveled at older alarm clocks - hotel alarm clocks included - is that they can be fiddly to operate. Menus can often be unintuitive and confusing, leading guests to wonder if they have set their alarms correctly. Is my alarm going to go off at 6am when I need it or 6pm when I don’t? Worse, if old alarms aren’t reset or deleted, guests might get accidentally woken up by an alarm set by a previous occupant.

The CubieWink - Brandstand's small but powerful hotel alarm clock.

Again, a modern alarm clock smoothes over these annoyances. The Brandstand CubieWink, like all Brandstand hotel alarm clocks, has an easy-to-use interface. Press the knob on top of the device to turn on the alarm, then simply rotate it to set a preferred wake-up time - no manual required. As for an unwanted alarm set by a previous guest, Brandstand’s Single Day Alarm mode will reset to 6:00am with every activation of the alarm. 

A modern alarm clock isn’t just a clock

A hotel alarm clock that is ‘just’ an alarm clock is a wasted opportunity. It can be so much more. Guests don’t necessarily want a device they won’t (or can’t) use. Nor do they want a device that takes up a power outlet next to the bed.

Alongside better Wi-Fi and hotel apps, hotels are beginning to see the value in giving guests easy ways to charge their smartphones and tablets. Such charging points should be easily accessible, conveniently placed (e.g. not hidden away behind a desk), and they should ideally be able to charge multiple devices at the same time. 

The Brandstand CubieTime alarm clock, for example, incorporates two tamper resistant power outlets and a pair of USB ports to charge up to four devices. The Brandstand CubieDuo also features two USB charging ports but replaces the power outlets with a Qi Wireless charging pad - see a list of compatible Qi devices here.

Step up to the CubieTrio+ model and you get a multi-function alarm clock that includes all of the above - two power outlets, two USB charging ports and Qi Wireless charging - while also adding a built-in Bluetooth stereo speaker for music streaming. 

As we mentioned, a hotel alarm clock that is ‘just’ an alarm clock is a wasted opportunity.

Innovation makes the modern alarm clock tick 

While many aspects of older alarm clocks are still relevant to hotels, the modern alarm clock can offer a more elegant solution, integrating a wider range of guest-friendly features into one convenient, durable and affordable unit. 

The idea of a simple modern alarm clock that is durably built, easy to use, with consideration for strict safety standards, is the foundation for all of Brandstand’s alarm clock products. 

But a modern digital alarm clock also needs to reflect the changing needs of the people who use it. That means more than telling the time; more than waking you up with a beep or a buzz. It means adding wired charging, wireless charging or Bluetooth music playback. Ultimately, it’s innovation that makes the modern alarm clock tick.

Discover Brandstand’s ever-growing range of hotel alarm clocks.

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