Goodbye clock radio, hello charging alarm clock

By Steve Jarratt, Technology Writer

The clock radio used to be a bedroom essential, allowing sleepyheads everywhere to wake up to the sound of their favorite radio station.

Equipped with a snooze function and an LED display, consumers flocked to buy one. Hotel and hospitality operators got in on the act too, and the original versions of the clock radio can be traced right back to the 1960s.

However, the heyday of the clock radio has passed and this is due to a variety of factors that have led to an evolution in consumer expectations. This evolution has forced the hospitality industry to upgrade - a trajectory that has been marked with a series of stops, including in-room CD players and iPod docks - to today’s preferred solution, the charging alarm clock. 

What is a charging alarm clock? 

A charging alarm clock is a modern device that augments the classic LED alarm clock with built in power and charging options. The Brandstand CubieWink, for example, incorporates a pair of USB ports for charging mobile phones and tablets. While the popular Brandstand CubieTime takes this a step further by featuring two USB connections plus guest facing, tamper-resistant power outlets.

The Brandstand CubieDuo and CubieTrio models, meanwhile, advance the charging alarm clock concept even further. They add a Qi Wireless charging pad, enabling compatible devices (e.g. phones, tablets, wireless earphones) to be juiced up without the need for a power cable. It’s a smart solution for hotels and hospitality, prioritizing convenience and safety for tech-savvy guests. 

Why charging alarm clocks work

The global smartphone penetration rate [1] is estimated to have reached 78.05% in 2020 and a recent survey [2] found that 57% of overnight hotel guests reported that charging their devices is one of the first things they do upon entering their hotel/motel room. In the same survey, 74% of respondents reported that not being able to conveniently charge their devices when staying overnight is a “primary concern.”

And hotel guests carry around more than just phones. They also might be traveling with tablets, ebook readers, portable games consoles, cameras, smartwatches, fitness trackers, power banks and wireless earphones. With its two power outlets and twin USB ports, the Brandstand CubieTime can charge up to four devices at once. The Brandstand CubieTrio can charge up to five.

Improving on the alarm clock

One thing that has remained consistent is the desire of travelers to get a good night’s sleep and wake up on time. So, the modern charging alarm clock improves upon the alarm clocks of old by adding functionality designed specifically for hospitality use. This includes a Single Day alarm, a feature that wipes alarm settings each day so that guests aren’t accidentally woken up by an alarm set by a previous occupant.

As for the old clock radio, who needs an AM/FM tuner when you can have a charging alarm clock that comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker? While radio certainly remains popular, traditional broadcasts are being superseded by an array of audio streaming options that include internet radio, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Audible and many more. 

For travelers, on-demand media is king. So, charging alarm clock models such as the Brandstand CubieBlue and the Brandstand CubieTrio+ offer easy Bluetooth pairing to enable guests to play their favorite digital content, whatever it may be.

Goodbye clock radio...

With the old clock radio on the way out, say ‘hello’ to the charging alarm clock. These modern bedside devices are designed with the needs of today’s travelers in mind - an easy-to-set alarm, dimmable display, plus built-in charging options that can include AC outlets, USB ports and convenient cable-free Qi wireless charging.

To find out more, view Brandstand’s range of power and charging hotel alarm clocks.


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