The traveler's guide to better battery life

By Mark Mayne, Technology Writer

A man in a hotel with a smartphone - Brandstand battery saving tips.

The batteries in our phones have never lasted longer, but these days we use them for so much more than making calls. There’s mapping, messaging and video calling, music listening, photo-snapping and web browsing, all of which will sap precious battery life over the course of a day. 

This can prove to be a tricky problem on most days, but it’s a particular challenge when traveling, as you can’t always be sure where your next charge is coming from. Thankfully, there are a number of smart, battery-saving tips that will keep you switched on until you can plug in. For example...

Update your software

The first rule of good battery life is to make sure that your software is organized and updated. Major OS software updates can guzzle gigabytes of data, while big app updates on less-than-perfect mobile connections drain battery power fast. You don’t want to be doing either of these when you’re on the move. If you have an older device, check carefully online before accepting a new software update, as apps can sometimes stop working.

Discover all six battery-saving tips in The Traveler's Guide to Better Battery Life infographic.

Click here to view/download the infographic or click the image below.

Traveler's guide to better battery life infographic - Brandstand

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