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More than just an alarm clock

By Dean Evans, Technology Writer

Clever alarm clocks like the Brandstand CubieBlue are perfect for hotels big and small, offering a range of features designed to improve the guest room experience. These include:

Single Day Alarms

We think that all hotel clocks should have 'Single Day' alarm functionality. This means that a 6am alarm set by a hotel guest on Tuesday isn't saved, so it will not sound the next day at the same time (annoying a guest on Wednesday). 

Multiple Power Options

Hotel guests want easy in-room charging, so the CubieBlue features two power outlets (US/UK/EU models available), a pair of USB Type A charging ports and a USB Type C interface for more modern devices.

Discover the seven other features that make Brandstand CubieBlue more than just an alarm clock in our More Than Just An Alarm Clock infographic. View it/download it below.

Click here to view/download the infographic.

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