Solving the hotel guest experience puzzle

By Dean Evans, Technology Writer

Technology can help hotels improve the guest experience, offering new facilities and home comforts to attract and retain visitors. But what tech do hotel guests really want? What is a good investment? Here are six ways to solve the guest experience puzzle.

A smarter way to watch TV

TVs might already be smart, but guests are usually disappointed with the limited number of channels on offer. In 2019, Netflix partnered with Hilton to give guests access to their own accounts on the streaming service via the hotel’s Connected Room platform. Cleverly and securely auto-clearing a guest’s login information on checkout, this is a more open and personalised approach to in-room entertainment.

Superior in-room charging

In a 2019 survey by Openkey, 88% of respondents cited ‘device charging ports’ as something they expected to see in a hotel room as standard. The pressure is on hotels to balance more mains sockets with dedicated USB charging points in the future, using products such as the Brandstand CubieTime to provide guests with flexible sources of power.

Discover the four other ways that hotels can use technology to satisfy guests in our Solving The Guest Experience Puzzle infographic. View it/download it below.

Click here to view/download the infographic.

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