Buying smart: The Brandstand Difference

By Dean Evans, Technology Writer

The Brandstand CubieBlue is a good example of the Brandstand Difference.

There are several power and charging solutions available to hotels, but not all products are specifically designed, built and tested for the hospitality industry. Take alarm clocks, for example. These bedside gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, and sell at all price points. But many aren’t suited to the rigors of hotel use. This is where a Brandstand product can make a real and lasting difference.

If we ask the question: “What's the difference between a generic digital alarm clock and a Brandstand alarm clock?”, there are a number of potential answers…

1. Generic digital alarm clocks don't usually feature guest-friendly charging options like USB ports and built-in power outlets.

At Brandstand, we understand hospitality. When our design team set out to define the quintessential hotel charging experience, we talked to hotel brands, owners and guests to understand exactly what they wanted from a device. The result was
CubieTime, which pairs an intuitive alarm clock with convenient power and charging options. It’s now the hospitality market's best-selling alarm clock, deployed in thousands of hotels worldwide.   

2. Generic digital alarm clocks don't typically have Bluetooth® speakers for easy audio playback.

Brandstand products have a proven set of features specifically designed for hotel guests. The
CubieBlue, for example, incorporates a clear digital display, Single Day Alarm, multiple power options (2x power outlets and 2x USB ports) plus built-in stereo Bluetooth® speakers for easy audio playback. Crucially, this Bluetooth® function will not remember a previous guest's device to avoid re-pairing errors during their next visit.

3. Most generic digital alarm clocks won't charge a compatible phone wirelessly if you set it down on the top of them.

At Brandstand, we always have one eye on the future. We follow the technology trends in the market closely to determine what products would complement the needs of a hotel guest. As we see it, the future of charging is increasingly wire-free and several Brandstand Cubie products incorporate Qi Wireless charging technology.

Enjoy better wireless charging for hotels with Brandstand CubieDuo.

Wireless charging systems are perfect for hotel rooms. They are inconspicuous, easy to install and need practically zero maintenance. And, as Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is a global standard, a charging pad like the Brandstand CubieDot or a charging alarm clock like the Brandstand CubieDuo+ will work with a wide range of mobile devices. 

4. Generic digital alarm clocks don’t have these additional safety features.

Brandstand is committed to the highest level of safety. All of our products are safety tested to meet UL and IEC standards, including a UL spill test. This means if a hotel guest spills a drink into the power receptacles, the liquid will flow through an internal pathway designed to prevent electrical conductivity and a potential shock hazard.

Tamper resistant outlets come standard on all Cubie products, even though it is not required on this product category.  Year after year, there are reports of children getting injured, shocked or burned after inserting objects into power receptacles. The presence of tamper-resistant (TR) outlets on Cubie products is aimed at keeping kids safe. And while some guests like Cubie alarm clocks so much they might want to keep them, hotels can politely deter any unwanted interest with our anti-theft security c-clamps.

To see what else a Brandstand alarm clock can do, and to explore our wider range of power and charging products for the hospitality industry, download our infographic below.

Click here to view/download the infographic.

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