How to offer better public charging

By Steve Jarratt, Technology Writer

Cafes are the perfect place to add public wireless charging points, says Brandstand.

It’s a particularly modern-day affliction: the sense of dread caused by the warning beep of a dying phone battery that, in turn, leads to the end of email, chat, video, music and all manner of can’t-live-without apps.

In fact, a recent study by City University of London [1] found that people’s perception of space and time was being distorted by the remaining battery life of their devices. So much so, many commuters in the study viewed their daily trip in terms of battery drain and the availability of charging points, rather than miles and minutes.

Diminishing battery levels often have an affect on mood and wellbeing, too, with a full charge making people feel positive and confident, while anything less than a half-full battery left people with a sense of anxiety and discomfort. It’s a sad fact that the modern world’s addiction to smartphones also breeds an obsession with battery life. 

Of course, an easy way to alleviate some of this stress is to provide more public charging points, be it integrated power outlets for chargers, USB ports for charging cables, or handy wireless charging pads. Charging solutions from Brandstand typically combine power and USB ports together, while more advanced products support the Qi Wireless standard. They’re ideal for a wide variety of locations and uses, including those below.

Hotels and hospitality 

Conceived with the hospitality industry in mind, the Brandstand CubieMod range features three power outlets and a pair of built-in USB ports, catering for up to five devices – perfect for today’s device-laden traveler. The flush-fitting panels are designed to be mounted on desks and bedside tables, and are tamper-proof to prevent accidents with children. The single-outlet CubiePod, meanwhile, is perfect for smaller pieces of furniture where space is at a premium.

A more advanced (and convenient) power solution comes in the form of the Brandstand CubieSpot. This flush-mounted Qi Wireless charger is discreet and hygienic – ideal for a post-Covid environment – and avoids the need for an endless array of ports and cables. Not only is it ideally-suited to hotel rooms, but it can be deployed in lobbies and waiting areas, and also in countertops for staff to use.

Offices and businesses

Office spaces already have a jungle of wires trailing from computers and monitors, desk phones, printers, scanners, routers and other devices. So, having desk-mounted power outlets with USB ports can free up a wall outlet and reduce the number of cables trailing dangerously across the floor. The Brandstand CubieFlip is a good solution in this regard, as it can be recessed into a desk surface and features a foldable, protective cover. It’s particularly effective for meeting rooms, providing power for projectors and video conferencing, plus USB charging for attendees.

Flush mount power products like the Brandstand CubieMod are particularly effective in meeting rooms.
Flush mount power products like the Brandstand CubieMod are particularly effective in meeting rooms.

Public spaces

The provision of charging points in public spaces won’t earn you any revenue, but will generate a lot of goodwill. It’s also a surefire way of attracting people to a specific public space, especially if they can power up their phone while meeting friends, waiting for transport, shopping, or just chilling out. Opting for multiple power outlets might be useful in this scenario, but smaller Brandstand CubiePod outlets with twin USB ports are a smarter solution, as are CubieSpot Qi Wireless charging pads, which are far less prone to wear and tear.

Cafés and restaurants

Equipping dining tables with charging points is a simple and relatively inexpensive way of improving the customer experience and, by providing free Wi-Fi and power top-ups, you’re giving your connected clientele exactly what they want. To avoid taking up too much table real estate, look out for wireless charging mats like the Brandstand CubieSpot. Its smooth surface keeps the technology safe from stray food crumbs or spilt drinks, while such cable-free charging can also be useful for in-house devices, such as point-of-sale terminals.

Student accommodation

Most of us are attached to our mobile devices, but as you move down the age groups, this level of attachment increases. It’s fair to say that anyone of student age will be inseparable from their smartphone, tablet or laptop, and so equipping student accommodation with a variety of charging points is a no-brainer. Look no further than the flush-fitting, desk-mounted Brandstand CubieMod in this regard, which is easily accessible and can power a variety of devices. It’s also spill-resistant and durable, two things that should be considered a must-have for such a space.

Wherever you want to provide a wired or wireless charging solution, Brandstand has a product that will suit your needs. Find out more about our flush mount power products.

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