The best hospitality technology at CES 2022

By Steve Jarratt, Technology Writer

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) returned to its spiritual home of Las Vegas for 2022. Unlike last year’s COVID-affected event, the tech show welcomed in excess of 40,000 attendees, with exhibits from more than 2,300 companies. Here’s our pick of the tech that could (potentially) make a difference to a hospitality business.

OLED TVs – Bigger, better, brighter

Televisions have always made a statement at CES, and this year was no different. Admittedly, each new set is more of an evolution than a revolution, but the latest TVs have brighter displays, higher resolutions, and slimmer profiles than ever.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays are already very good, but CES saw the introduction of enhanced versions, with Samsung’s QD-OLED and LG’s OLED Evo. Among the multitude of new sets on show was LG’s monstrous 97-inch LG G2, the largest consumer OLED set available. And at the other end of the scale, LG also announced the 42-inch C2, the smallest OLED on the market, ideal for most guest rooms. [1]

Samsung SolarCell Remote

If you have dozens – or even hundreds – of remote controls across a hospitality business, the cost of battery replacements can quickly mount up. Enter Samsung’s new SolarCell Remote [2], which ingeniously, draws energy from Wi-Fi signals using a system known as RF energy harvesting. 

As long as it’s within 40 meters of a router, it can gradually recharge itself. This technology, in combination with a solar panel on the front, means the device never needs batteries (in fact, it doesn’t even have any inside) and should always be available for your guests to use. 

Conway Smart Care Air Mattress

We’re big fans of devices that perform multiple tasks – our Cubie alarm clocks will wake you up and charge your devices while you sleep. So, the Smart Care Air Mattress from Conway [3] is more than just a mattress, featuring a built-in air purifier, humidifier, aroma dispenser, and self-dimming lights. 

So, when you jump onto a bed with this mattress, it will release relaxing scents to help you drift off to sleep, while distributing purified air from all four sides to prevent waking with a blocked nose. This smart mattress can even detect your body pressure and position, automatically adjusting the firmness level to compensate. If your hotel embraces wellness or has a relaxing spa focus, this $5,000 mattress might be pricey, but it would make a fine bullet point addition to your features list.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Robot vacuum cleaners are nothing new, but each year they get smarter and more effective at cleaning. Unveiled at CES, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra [4] comes packed with features. It not only vacuums and empties its own dustbin, but can also mop smooth floors (washing its own mop and refilling its water tank as needed). Need to keep an eye on progress? There’s a camera for remote monitoring. 

Sure, these gadgets are primarily designed for home use. But in a world where hotels are trying to reduce contact and improve automation, robo-vacs could be deployed to auto-clean corridors, public areas, or even larger suites? The S7 MaxV Ultra costs $1,400, but it never goes ill or fails to turn up for work. We’ll leave you to do the math…

Moen Smart Faucet

$675 might sound a lot of money for a faucet, but Moen's latest model of its Smart features a handle-free design or completely touch-less operation [5]. Advanced motion sensors let you select both the temperature and amount of water needed, with simple hand gestures. The Smart Faucet is part of Moen’s Smart Water network, which provides web connectivity while helping to protect against leakages and water damage.

Keenon hotel robots

If you haven’t encountered a robot in a hotel yet, it might only be a matter of time. Chinese company Keenon Robotics showed off four of its bots at CES 2022 [6], all with hospitality applications. The Keenon Hospitality Robot, for example, is designed to escort visitors around a building or venue, and could be deployed to guide guests to their rooms. The Hotel Robot, meanwhile, is effectively a smart shelving unit on wheels that can automatically ride an elevator to auto-deliver room service orders.

Working alongside these two droids, the Delivery Robot is another mobile set of shelves, aimed at streamlining food service and table clearing. While the Disinfection Robot packs a Ultraviolet (UV) light and disinfectant dry-mist sprayer to combat germs in multi-occupancy spaces. Again, perfect for hotel rooms. 

The future of hotel technology

Every year, CES gives us a glimpse at new technology that could change the way we live our lives. Not everything will catch on - like the mouthguard-shaped Y-Brush [7], which can brush all your teeth, at once, in 10 seconds. And some, like the latest TVs, will be too expensive for widespread adoption across the hospitality sector.

But, there’s a definite shift in hospitality towards a more hands-off approach to service, whether that’s mobile check-ins, room service robots or providing in-room charging for guests to power their digital devices. The best hospitality technology doesn't just deliver a better experience for guests, but adds extra value for hotel operators.

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