Why hotel guests want easy charging

By Simon Handby, Technology Writer

In today’s digital world, it’s a rare traveller that doesn’t check into a hotel carrying multiple gadgets. No business guest, for example, leaves home without a laptop and smartphone, and woe betide the parents that forget to pack tablets and/or portable games consoles to keep their kids amused. 

In fact, research suggests [1] that the average UK adult now takes an average of three electronic devices away when they travel and more than half of families take six or more gadgets between them. Think smartphones, tablets, ebook readers, cameras, smartwatches, fitness trackers, power banks, even Bluetooth speakers…

Hotels shouldn’t make charging difficult

With more gadgets to charge and luggage space increasingly at a premium, guests are increasingly looking for the convenience of travelling with just a USB cable (or no cable at all). International travellers, meanwhile, could also do without the problem of packing multiple travel adapters to cope with charging multiple devices. 

According to a 2019 survey by Openkey [2], 88% of respondents cited ‘device charging ports’ as something they expected to see in a hotel room as standard. So, the pressure is on hotels to balance more mains sockets with dedicated USB charging points, providing all customers with flexible sources of power.

Improving the guest experience

Many hotels have been slow to catch up with the technology requirements of their guests. Everyone’s got the message about providing free Wi-Fi, but plenty of rooms are still embarrassingly short of power outlets. Often, the only free sockets are located near desks or TVs. Yet guests crave the convenience of phone charging points near the bed, and freedom from trailing cables elsewhere. 

Hotel guests don’t just want handy charging sockets in their rooms either. Dinner, drink and meeting customers may all appreciate the chance to top up their phone or laptop in the hotel lobby. To improve the guest experience, hotels ideally need charging options in all of their rooms and key public spaces. But in a competitive industry, with fierce downward pressure on costs, how do you deliver for customers without spending big?

Upgrading hotel charging technology

There are several ways that hotels can approach this problem. One is to replace existing flush mount power outlets with upgraded power products designed specifically for the hotel environment. These can include surge protected, tamper-resistant plug sockets, with added USB and wireless charging options for maximum flexibility.

It's easy to offer extra charging ports with a Brandstand alarm clock.

Another option is to install retrofit power blocks, which offer multiple mains, USB sockets and/or wireless charging for guests. These can be quickly and easily added to hotel desks, tables and other furniture, including bedside tables and nightstands. 

The third is to offer in-room charging solutions in the form of a smart digital alarm clock. Easy to add to any room, Brandstand’s CubieTime, CubieBlue, CubieWink and CubieDuo models bring USB, mains and even Qi wireless charging right to the bedside.

Making a Brandstand difference

With more than 1.4 million charging devices already installed in hotel rooms worldwide, Brandstand’s dedicated UK/EU charging products are designed for the rigours of the hospitality industry. All Cubie products are engineered and tested to the highest standards, with tamper-proof sockets and surge/spill protection to ensure the safety of every hotel, its guests and their devices.

From a hotel’s point of view, Brandstand’s products are built to cope with years of daily use in unforgiving public environments, with sockets built and tested for tens of thousands of insertion cycles. An alarm clock like the CubieTime simply plugs in, making it a quick, anytime upgrade - the ideal way to give guests convenient and flexible ways to charge the multiple devices they bring with them.

The best hotels seek to make their guests feel special. They can do this by having courteous, well-trained staff and by running special offers and loyalty programs. But by far the most effective approach is to offer those little extras that turn a good stay into a great one - a complimentary drink on arrival, free Wi-Fi, access to Netflix and an easy way to charge the gadgets today’s guests can’t live without. 

Provide easy charging with Brandstand’s 220V power and charging products.

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