Self Powered Switch

Amazingly simple smart device! Place this innovative, self-powered (no batteries!), easy to install wireless switch on any surface or wall with an adhesive pads or fasteners. Each button press collects and converts micro kinetic energy to electrical energy which emits a radio signal to the receiver. Once installed, pair the switch with one or multiple receivers and plug in a lamp or any other device that that you want to power on and off. No need to hardwire, but a hardwire version is available. Hotels now have a cost effective, flexible way to add “smart switches” to their guestrooms. The possibilities are endless.
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You are the BEST! This is why we love Brandstand.

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You guys are the best! I really appreciate you helping us out. Thank you very much again for the great customer service. I will continue to be a loyal customer

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We love your products and continue to place large orders for them monthly.

Rota M, Hyatt Regency Indian Wells

LOVE your products. Purchased the CubieBlue as I stay mostly in Marriotts and enjoy the simplicity / consistency of the CubieTimes that tend to be in their hotels.

David H

I really do love your products so I will absolutely try to get you in on upcoming projects. Also, your customer service has absolutely exceeded expectations! Thank YOU and thanks again for all of your assistance!

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