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Gerald Lewis
Great Clock

I saw this clock in a hotel I stayed at and just had to have it, it was at my house before I got home from my trip , and I just love it easy to set up and works fine

W Rodgers

’m one of those folks who saw a slightly bigger version of this plug-in clock in a motel and liked it. I’ve had an old, reliable one for many years, but next to the bed it was too bright at night and too dim during the day. It was a small hassle to update the time every time the electricity goes out (which is often). I don’t care about a clock that has a place to charge my phone, but what I like about this is: 1) it’s got a small footprint; 2) for its size, the numbers are large; 3) I can easily dim the numbers (or turn them off) to a wonderful low level while still seeing them at night b/c they’re relatively large; 4) I can easily make the numbers bright enough during the day to see them across the room; and 5) it’s much easier to update the time. I gather than the battery allows the clock to maintain time when the power goes out, so that will just be the icing on the cake! Just buy it, I’m thrilled with it

Great little clock

Compact, very simple to use

Joseph C. Smith
Can charge my phone and I pad at the same time

Saw this in a hotel I stayed at recently thought it was fantastic. This one will charge my cell phone and my iPad at the same time there’s two different versions.. Mine has the c adapter and standard one for a i pad

Christy R. Finch
Perfect Alarm

I have purchased Cubie products in the past and my son needed an alarm clock for football. This is convenient due to the phone charger ports on the top and it is super easy to set the alarm. It has worked great for him. Will always recommend this brand above all others.