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CubieDash® XB UK

CubieDash® XB UK

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CubieDash power panel presents a sleek upright power and charging solution with 1 UK and 1 EU power socket for the hotel guest room. If space is limited on the desk, this is the perfect choice! CubieDash  incorporates TR power outlets with USB A & C charging. **Some assembly required. 

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Sleek Power

CubieDash presents a sleek upright power and charging solution for the hotel guest room. The included decorative brushed aluminum faceplate provides a second color option. Like the Cubie, CubieDash offers 2 TR Power Outlets and 1 USB-A and 1 USB-C Charging Ports as well as a pass-through plug. CubieDash also provides complete surge and overcurrent protection. All mounting hardware included.

Product Information

Convenient Tabletop Power Outlets

  • 2 Tamper Resistant Power Outlets & 1 USB-A and 1 USB-C Charging Ports
  • Surge Protection
  • Right Angle Pass-Through Plug
  • gid://shopify/MediaImage/32600268570839

    Additional Features

  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • CE Listed (Meets Strict UL Standards)
  • User Manual & Installation Instructions

    Some assembly required. The CubieDash Bracket Kit must be assembled to the CubieMod 2.0 to create the final product. Download the user manuals to both components here.
  • Download CubieMod 2.0 User Manual
  • Download CubieDash Bracket Kit Instruction