International outlet and plug types explained

Be safe when you travel. Know your international plug types.

There are many different power outlets and plug types used across the world, from Type A in the USA to Thailand’s unique Type O. To keep yourself and your gadgets safe when you travel, check out our handy list of 15 plug types and the all-important regions they cover. For example:

Type A
This plug type is used in regions such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Japan. It's rated at 15A, 100-127V, and uses a two-pin design (NEMA 1-15) that is not grounded/earthed. Type A outlets only
accept Type A plugs.

Type E
This plug type is used in France, Tunisia, Belgium, Poland, and Slovakia. It's rated at 16A, 220-240V, and uses a two-pin design that is grounded/earthed.  Type E outlets will also accept Type C and F plugs.

Type I
This plug type is used in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina,
and China. It is rated at 10A, 220-240V, and can be found in two- (not
grounded/earthed) or three-pin (grounded/earthed) variants. Type I outlets only
accept Type I plugs.

For a full list of all international plug types, from Type A to Type O and to see where Cubie Power Products may be used, click here to view/download our infographic or click on the image below.

Infographic - Around the world in 15 plug types

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