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International outlet and plug types explained

There are many different power outlets and plug types used across the world, from Type A in the USA to Thailand’s unique Type O. To keep yourself and your gadgets safe when you travel, check out our handy list of 15 plug types and the all-important regions they cover. For example:

Type A
This plug type is used in regions such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Japan. It's rated at 15A, 100-127V, and uses a two-pin design (NEMA 1-15) that is not grounded/earthed. Type A outlets only
accept Type A plugs.

Type E
This plug type is used in France, Tunisia, Belgium, Poland, and Slovakia. It's rated at 16A, 220-240V, and uses a two-pin design that is grounded/earthed.  Type E outlets will also accept Type C and F plugs.

Type I
This plug type is used in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina,
and China. It is rated at 10A, 220-240V, and can be found in two- (not
grounded/earthed) or three-pin (grounded/earthed) variants. Type I outlets only
accept Type I plugs.

For a full list of all international plug types, from Type A to Type O and to see where Cubie Power Products may be used, click here to view/download our infographic or click on the image below.

Infographic - Around the world in 15 plug types

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