COVID-19 and the return of hospitality

By Dean Evans, Technology Writer

UPDATED JUNE 23, 2020 - The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the hospitality industry particularly hard. But there are encouraging signs of a recovery as hotels and international borders begin to reopen.

While lockdown measures across North America and Europe begin to ease, not every state or country is moving at the same speed. Not all hotels are open in these territories and the majority of international borders remain closed to all but localized travel.

Reasons for optimism

But there are reasons for optimism. As of May 28, data suggested that six out of 10 open hotel rooms in the US were empty, an improvement from eight out of 10 rooms in April.

Meanwhile, hotels are finding innovative ways to make up for lost revenue. The Lidköping Stadshotellet in Sweden, for example, has turned its 67 empty rooms into pop-up, socially-distanced mini restaurants where guests can order from the hotel menu [1].

We've collated the latest information on hotel and border openings into a handy infographic - The Return of Hospitality. It's your guide to what’s locked down and what’s not. Download or view it below.

Click here to view/download the June 16 infographic.

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