Hotel Booking Sites Miss Key Amenity on “Search By” List

by Staci Mininger

Brandstand introduces a website to search for hotels with accessible power outlets. 

Top hotel booking sites allow users to search by amenities such as free Wi-Fi, pet friendly and indoor pool but they do not include one of the most desired amenities - convenient power outlets.   Why do guests feel the need to travel with their own personal power strip?  It’s simple - because they do not have confidence that the hotel room will have accessible power outlets.  This is supported by comments on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and TripAdvisor. “Why is there never enough power in my hotel room?” and “Why are hotel outlets always behind the bed?” are common complaints. One insightful guest suggests, “Do we need to start requesting convenient power outlets in hotel bookings?”   Brandstand Products answers “Yes”, with the introduction of its innovative “Where’s Cubie” map.  
The “Where’s Cubie” interactive map features hotels that have recognized the need for more power and installed one or more of Brandstand’s power products - Cubie, CubieMini or CubieTime. The Cubie product line provides the perfect power and charging solution for the desk or nightstand.  Each product includes 2 or 3 AC power outlets and 2 USB charging ports.  Guests can search by city, state or zip code to scout hotel locations.  Cubie products can be found in over 300,000 hotel rooms in the US.  With an average hotel occupancy rate of 62%, Cubie can potentially accommodate the power needs of approximately 67 million guests each year.   As the “Where’s Cubie” map continues to grow, guests will finally be able to leave their power strips at home. 
Where’s Cubie Map:

About Brandstand Products: ?Brandstand keeps the hotel guest powered up!  Brandstand Products, a subsidiary of TXS Industrial Design Inc., offers innovatively designed, user-friendly amenity products for the hospitality industry. 
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